Animal Cruelty 

         Throughout the world, there are a shocking number of animal abuse cases that are reported every single day, let alone some that are never reported. The most common victims of cruelty are dogs, cats, horses, and livestock. The number of cockfights and dogfights still going on today are disturbing. Sadly, many of the animal cruelty cases that are reported, connect the abuser to cruelty against humans as well. 

         A common issue that is often neglected is animal cruelty in zoos. Captivity can never compensate for an animal's life in the wild. Zoos prevent animals from flying, mating, running, and playing in their natural habitats. 

        Poaching is another commonly overlooked topic. Elephants and tigers are some of the most commonly poached animals. Poaching is one of the reasons many of the most beautiful and majestic animals are going extinct.


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Plastic Ruins Lives

Plastic Ruins Lives

By Neha Ramama With the unnecessary uses of plastic, from straws to bags, we are destroyed our ecosystem. Soon, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fishes and I cannot let that happen. I want you to join me.