Climate Change

         Climate change, also known as global warming, makes reference to the rise of the average surface temperature on earth. The primary cause of this is the use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels release carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses which trap heat. This has effects on rising sea levels, ecosystems, and various weather events. Recently, we have seen wildfires in California and Australia, which had dire effects on the wildlife and the environment around them. 

Many people, including the current administration in the United States, question the truth of climate change. Time and time again, scientists have agreed that climate change is happening and that it is primarily due to human activity. The consequences of climate change include melting of the polar ice caps, warming ocean temperatures, more frequent storms with more damage, along with additional rainfall. 


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By Luke Cohen

Washington D.C.


The beauty of the natural world is indescribable, but as a society, we neglect to think about how our actions are impacting the ground we walk on. Whether it be using a lot of plastic, keeping the lights on for a long time, or using appliances such as leaf blowers, the environment will be affected. These two photos were taken in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. They capture the serenity and beauty of the natural world. 

By Maddie Rapeleya I embarked on a process where I used simple base images and layered them with either the item that is causing the environmental harm or destroys the image. I wanted to amplify the environmental impacts of a single human being on a daily basis and issues such as the recent California forest fires and the stripping of EPA regulation to contemplating a single person’s water waste when taking their daily shower.

Giraffe To Dust

Giraffe To Dust

By Julia Wrona his giraffe, that looks like it’s turning into dust, represents the many giraffes dying of climate change, and hunters. Climate change is rapidly making animals extinct, and we need to do something about it.