Gun Violence

      While mass shootings have occurred throughout recorded history, today’s advanced weapon technology has increased the number of shootings today. This technology has created weapons and rifles that can shoot many bullets at a time. These weapons have affected our society today. There have been many school shootings in the last few years including the shooting in 2018 in Parkland, Florida where 17 students were killed.

   In 2019, in New Zealand there were two consecutive shootings at mosques, killing 51 people. Since then New Zealand has taken steps to outlaw military-style semi automatic weapons and assault rifles. Although there have been many incidents of race related killings with guns, more attention has been brought to this issue lately. In the U.S. there have been protests all around the country, as well as all around the world. These protests have been focused on these race related shootings and the injustice of African-Americans. 


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America's Willing Sacrifice

America's Willing Sacrifice

By Madeleine Popofsky This piece breaks through your glass screen to demonstrate the horrifying reality that this could happen anywhere, to anyone. It could even happen to you (the bullet is aiming at your heart, after all). The background lists the names of a tiny fraction of those killed in school shootings, those whose bullets were not drawn with a pencil. This piece is supposed to shock and horrify you. It is supposed to make you uncomfortable.